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  • All types of leather, synthetic and other materials, including metal accessories, react to humidity and may cause permanent wear and tear
  • Avoid getting it wet and avoid exposure to direct light and heat
  • Avoid contact with oily substances, cosmetics or solvents
  • Care should be taken when wearing light coloured garments and when storing products with different colours, as the colours may transfer onto each other
  • Avoid excessive fiction and overexposure to direct light as colour fading may occur
  • When not in use, store in a protective bag in a cool, dry place

How to clean your Audrey and Hepburn shoes

If your leather shoes are looking dirty with spots, dampen and rub them gently with your hand and lay them flat on a dry spot. Make sure they do not lay directly in the sun Water can dry the leather out and make it brittle and cracked, so use only a drop of water when cleaning your ballet shoes.