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Behind the scene : Audrey ADR’s collection

by Patricia C.

Behind the scene : Audrey ADR’s collection

Behind the scene : Audrey ADR’s collection

Chapter 1 : Anna Dello Russo’s house

We were so honored and so lucky to be invited to Anna's house. If you have been following her Instagram or you are a fashionista, you would know that Anna spends most of her time in this house. The house is located in Puglia, a region in southern parts of Italy. From the country map shaped like a boot, you will see Puglia on the heel area of the boot. Anna grows up in a town called Bari, a capital city of Puglia. She spent her childhood here before moving to Milan to study. Anna loves sun, sea, and swimming. We often see her in a bikini, swimming at home.

The house has a unique trullo style, the only place in Puglia. Lately, we often see Hollywood stars owning these houses that look so much like a dollhouse, turning it into a vineyard or having it as a getaway place from press and social. Puglia is becoming a new popular destination, and as well become “the new Tuscany” due to its local tradition, the true Italian style, good food, friendly people, and close to the Adriatic Sea. Cisternino, the place where we stayed is not too far from Anna’s house, but difficult to travel, there is no bus or train, a car is required.

On the shooting day, we were lucky enough to have Anna’s cousin picked us up at our place or else we would be lost because the roads are very complex. Despite the difficulties in travelling, the scenery is worth it. The view of the vineyard along with the Trullo architecture on our way are breath-taking.

Chapter 2 : There is beauty in simplicity.

We were so excited to be travelling with our model, photographers and his team to Anne’s house. Our photographers, Alessandro and Luca, so called “Morelli Brothers” are HOT brothers! They are very famous photographer who have worked with Dolce & Gabbana. They are very professional. The very first moment we saw Anna’s house “Villa Colle”, it is magnificent.

The house has trullo architecture. The amazing part would be the outdoor pool which decorated in a south Italy style with pottery décor, colourful flowers, local flowers – we did not expect these things at all. We thought that we would be invited into a fashionable, modern, luxury house since Anna is one of the A-list fashion journalists. We were not disappointed to see the opposite, we were just surprised to get to know another lifestyle of Anna. Her house is very simple, and classic. It is really a place for her to relax.

Chapter 3 :She worked damn hard to get it.

They are very professional, their team are world class. Anna chose model herself. She is professional at work. She is fast at decision. She knows what she want, so the process of shooting goes very smoothly. As you can see from the prop, the pastel blue motorcycle matched the color of the shoes. The models are famous model in Italy. Anna has a picture of the model in mind and how to get the best shot, what is the best post for the model. She knows how to match the outfits with the prop.

She is good at detail. She works hard.We take quite some time to get the beautiful shot. Everything has to be perfect. I respect the team. We were also lucky that the sky is very clear on the shooting day which helps us to get the best shots.We shot in front of her house as you can see ADR’s statement on the wall and at the back of her house at the swimming pool. We used many part of her house for shooting so it is very exclusive to see her house in many areas.

Chapter 4 : Fashion is always UNCOMFORTABLE

There are five colours in the collection. The colour of the shoes and the place that we shoot are given the feeling of holiday. It refers to relaxation and south of Italy. The model kept the characters of Anna very well. The highlight scene was the shot at her beautiful swimming pool. It takes so much time shooting here. Ta feels pity for our models because they have to put their heads down in the water for a moment to get the best shot. It is not easy for them but they manage to do their best. How professional!

Chapter 5 : Anna in real life

We shot until lunch time. Anna treated us a tradition food. It looks like pizza. She also served us a dessert. She is so nice.Before I met her I think she is a material girl but not at all! She is very nice and kind. She is simple and comfortable to work with.Though, she is a perfectionist for work.Ta is impressed how she respect the others. Ta gave her 100 % to make decision for this shooting but she always ask if I am satisfied.

Chapter 6 : Once in a life time

After shooting, Anna gave me the exclusive video to share with Thai fans, especially O&B fans. Behind the scene for this collection is so much fun.

After shooting, Anna gave me the exclusive video to share with Thai fans, especially O&B fans. Behind the scene for this collection is so much fun. We get to work with one of the best photographers and stylists in the world. As a result, we have get all these superb lookbook photo and beautiful photo for this collection. It is a very memorable for me to have worked with the fabulous, Anna.
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